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Made in USA

Our solar eclipse glasses are proudly "Made in USA", ensuring quality and safety for your celestial viewing experience!

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ISO & CE Certified

Our glasses have been ISO 12312-2 and CE certified in a USA testing lab to make sure they are 100% safe and compliant. That way you can watch the eclipse at ease knowing your eyes are protected.

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NASA & AAS Approved πŸš€

That's right. NASA themselves have endorsed AAA Eclipse and you can find our brand listed on the American Astronomical Society (AAS) website which is the ultimate reference for anything related to astronomy and safety.

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Eclipse Countdown

Ordering in Larger Quantities?

Please contact us through the form below if you are looking for bulk quantity glasses for your city, school, or business, or for promotions or physical resale.

Need Custom Design?

🌟 Ready to skyrocket your brand's visibility? Create custom solar eclipse glasses on our website with your logo and brand colors, turning the sky into your canvas. πŸš€

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