✅👓How to Select Safe Glasses: The Best Tips For The April 8th Solar Eclipse

✅👓How to Select Safe Glasses: The Best Tips For The April 8th Solar Eclipse

You Only Have One Chance to View The Eclipse. Don't Waste It. 

The celestial beauty of a solar eclipse is an incredibly rare sight to behold. But as beautiful as it is, it is equally dangerous. Witnessing this phenomenon requires special precautions to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Solar eclipse glasses are an essential accessory for safely observing the sun during an eclipse, and In this guide we will walk you through how best to select a set of safety glasses for your solar eclipse experience.


✅Safety Standards and Certification:

When choosing solar eclipse glasses, safety should be your top priority. Look for glasses that meet the international safety standard ISO 12312-2. This certification ensures that the glasses provide adequate protection against harmful solar radiation. Always check for the manufacturer's information and the ISO certification logo to ensure the authenticity of the product.


👓Filter Type:

Solar eclipse glasses use special filters to reduce the intensity of sunlight and protect your eyes. The most common and recommended filter material is solar viewing film or aluminized mylar. Avoid glasses with regular sunglasses lenses, CDs, DVDs, or homemade filters, as they do not provide sufficient protection and can cause severe eye damage.


👔Proper Fit:

Ensuring a snug fit is crucial for the effectiveness of solar eclipse glasses. Look for glasses that comfortably cover both your eyes and allow minimal light leakage from the sides. Adjustable temples or a secure strap can help customize the fit for various head sizes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable viewing experience for everyone.


🌞Visible Light Transmission (VLT):

Check the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of the glasses, which indicates the percentage of visible light that can pass through the lenses. For solar eclipse viewing, choose glasses with a VLT of 0.003% or less to ensure that your eyes are adequately protected from the sun's intense rays.


🏆Reputable Retailers:

Purchase your solar eclipse glasses from reputable and trustworthy retailers. Avoid buying from street vendors or unknown online sources, as they may offer substandard or counterfeit products that can compromise your eye safety. You can find a list of reputable vendors on AAS.org. 


📝Plan Ahead:

As solar eclipses generate significant public interest, we recommend purchasing your eclipse glasses well in advance. Popular eclipse viewing destinations may experience a high demand for safety glasses, leading to potential shortages. Buying early ensures you have ample time to verify the quality and authenticity of your chosen glasses.



As you prepare for your solar eclipse viewing experience, make sure you are properly prepared by getting glasses that are reputable in source and meet all necessary regulations. Most importantly, make sure you get them well in advance to ensure that you have the proper protection to view the eclipse. Happy eclipse watching!

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